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  • Clothing

    Apparel clothing leather mainly includes release paper transfer clothing leather, direct coating clothing leather, bronzing clothing leather, etc., mainly used in down jackets, jackets, artificial lea

  • Shoe Leather Material
    Shoe Leather Material

    With the development of the market, PU leather has gradually replaced genuine leather and PVC leather. At the same time, PU leather's own technology is constantly improving and evolving. As an emergin

  • Household Products
    Household Products

    Mainly used for sofas, beds and various decorative outsourcing products, mainly for polyurethane in various types of processes such as composite, bronzing, transfer, and direct coating.

  • Plastic Packaging
    Plastic Packaging

    Soft products have good toughness, good elasticity and oil resistance. They are the main varieties of polyurethane foam and are widely used in packaging to make cushioning materials such as cushions.

  • Holiday Necessities
    Holiday Necessities

    Mainly for tents, umbrellas, assault boats and other outdoor products, giving textiles excellent deep water resistance, aging resistance, and UV resistance.

  • Home Textile Fabric
    Home Textile Fabric

    Rock New Materials has been committed to opening up new polyurethane materials for home textiles. At present, we have composite resins, bronzing resins, textile coating resins, waterproof and moisture